I'm Thumbody Special!

I'm Thumbody Special Program in session

A mental health education and self identity program of Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County in partnership with local elementary schools.

“I’m Thumbody Special!” is a 50-minute presentation offered to second and third grade classrooms throughout Tippecanoe County. The program focuses on mental health, self-identity, emotions, talking to an adult you trust, respecting yourself and respecting others.

The presentation emphasizes that each child is as special and unique as his/her own thumbprint. Children leave the program with a bookmark that includes their own thumbprints and a Thumbody booklet. A large poster with each child’s thumbprint and a Thumbody pillow are also given to each classroom with the intention that children will be reminded daily of their importance in this world.

70 Classes
1,500 Students
One Purpose

To enhance positive self regard and respect for others
among Tippecanoe County grade school students.


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What's New

  • Teaching Your Children to Be Mentally Healthy and Happy


    Author: Nancy Buck

    What's called emotional regulation refers to the process by which a person recognizes their emotional upset and can satisfy their emotional need without having to upset others. Parents who never allow kids to become self-aware of uncomfortable emotional feelings or to learn how to comfort and help themselves, instead always doing this for them, interfere with their need to learn how to regulate their own emotions.

    Emotional regulation is key to good mental health and lifelong happiness

  • Volunteer: It's Good for Your Health


    Author: Andrea Carlstrom

    According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, volunteering helps people and changes lives. Volunteering decreases the risk of depression, especially for those 65 and older, when social interaction and supportive relationships are most needed.