Human Services Directory

Are you looking for local services?

This human services directory is designed to help people throughout midwest Indiana find services pertaining to:

  • Children & Senior Citizens
  • Food, Housing, & Shelter
  • Mental & Physical Healthcare
  • And much more...

Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County (MHA) does not endorse any of the providers included in this directory. The content provided is derived from information received from providers and has not been independently verified.

If you are unable to find a service you are searching for please call the MHA Crisis Center at 765-742-0244.

If you are unable to find a resource or you are searching for a resource outside of the midwest Indiana area please visit 2-1-1.

What's New

  • Teaching Your Children to Be Mentally Healthy and Happy


    Author: Nancy Buck

    What's called emotional regulation refers to the process by which a person recognizes their emotional upset and can satisfy their emotional need without having to upset others. Parents who never allow kids to become self-aware of uncomfortable emotional feelings or to learn how to comfort and help themselves, instead always doing this for them, interfere with their need to learn how to regulate their own emotions.

    Emotional regulation is key to good mental health and lifelong happiness

  • Volunteer: It's Good for Your Health


    Author: Andrea Carlstrom

    According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, volunteering helps people and changes lives. Volunteering decreases the risk of depression, especially for those 65 and older, when social interaction and supportive relationships are most needed.